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hissquiet (aka Ash Farrand) cultivates moments of eerie nostalgia and bliss using glistening tones and dark ambient sound scapes to blur the lines between comfort and chaos.

Ash (they/them) is a sound designer and musician well as an experienced graphic designer, fine artist, and web developer.

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Solastalgia 2nd edition cassettes

Out now! The original sold out in just a couple days and has since been a highly requested reprint. The 2nd edition is represented by a pink tape shell. Edition of 50.

solastalgia by hissquiet 2nd edition cassette

Interviews & Podcasts

Premier Guitar Feb 2021 - State of the Stomp: For the Love of Demo's, Part 2

Written by Aisha Loe, featured alongside Anne Sulikowski
read here
hissquiet premier guitar

Innerfreq Podcast Episode 11

Hissquiet is an ambient noise artist, graphic designer and visual artist creating amazing cinematic, dreamy and dark instrumental music blending digital and analog synths, guitars and experimental sound design. We talk about their recent collaboration project and talk about the meditative and therapeutic benefits of creating music and art.
watch here

International Oscillators "Attack/Release Hour!" Episode 2

This episode features exclusive live sets and interviews with I/O artists, Hissquiet and Love & Bass! One I personally go back to and listen to the hosts reaction to my performance)
watch here

Ash Farrand (hissquiet) on Falling in Love with Turning Knobs Episode 18

Host Hilary B. Jones talks with Ash Farrand (hissquiet) about the potential of genderlessness on the internet, the gear tinkerer community, and the importance of just starting
listen here
midriff podcast

Other Music Projects

Marci.dh x Hissquiet

A collab track woth Marci.dh. This track was a year in the making. Streaming everywhere! Future tracks to come! (music video by me)

listen / buy here

Inevitably by Heaven for Flightless Birds

A collab project with hissquiet and 2 talented friends Dream Hours (aka West Lentz) and Messy Desk (aka Synechdoche) definitely more in the works! (music video by Ash Farrand)

listen / buy here

Skymning by Litany for Sleep

A collab album with hissquiet and 2 brilliant musicians Alpha Mound and King Weapon. (artwork by Ash Farrand, video editing by Alpha Mound)

listen / buy here

Hiss & Friends

A hand full of collab tracks with various artists over the past few years. All proceeds go to Black & Pink

listen / buy here
hiss and friends collab album

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